Monday, August 24, 2009

Nautical Nymph

Ahoy! :D I’m all set for sailing with my first vintage outfit, the Barbie Resort Set # 963, produced from 1959 to 1962. I’m wearing a white hat, a red jacket, a navy and white stripe shirt, and white cuff shorts. The set also includes a white vinyl cork wedge shoes and gold charm bracelet, but since they are much rarer and harder to obtain, the price is much steeper. Tin got my outfit for a reasonable price sans the last two items.

For more info about Vintage Barbie and Friends dolls, outfits, and accessories, visit Fashion Doll Guide. If you’re interested in collecting vintage outfits for your dolls, there’s an updated (I think) ebay listing below every outfit in their site. :)

P.S The colors of my outfit reminds me of Blair Waldorf’s signature color palette in the first season of Gossip Girl. I heard season three will premiere on September 14. I’m looking forward to the clothes that Blair would be wearing. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Journey to the Past

Ever since Tin became my new owner, she has been researching all over the web about dolls in order to properly identify me. However, identifying a Barbie doll when there are hundreds of them, specially if not a Vintage/Mod or Collector doll, is extremely hard. She thought I was a Fashion Fever doll, maybe Barbie's friend Summer to be specific because of my features, but she has this nagging feeling that she's wrong. All she knew at that time was that I have a Generation Girl face sculpt (entry # 1)

Thanks to Charles, a former staff writer of Barbie Bazaar Magazine and owner of the website,, Tin and I discovered a lot about my identity as a doll. :)

Lemme tell you about some stuff that we found out just today:

1. I'm a Fun Treats Barbie from 2001/2002.
2. Since I'm a Barbie, I'm not a Summer doll. Lol! :D
3. I can't be a Fashion Fever doll because the production of FF didn't start until 2004/2005.
4. And I do have a Generation Girl head mold. At least Tin got that right. Whew!

Here's a photo of me as a Fun Treats Barbie that Charles sent me:

And here I am now:

Tin rerooted me with the help of most probably the best doll customizer here in the Philippines, Niel of 1-6thsensedolls. :)

I will still have to go through some changes, but Tin would like to thank Charles and Niel for helping her discover my past and guiding her into making me a future full-pledged OOAK doll, respectively. :)

Have a great week everyone! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Last Tuesday, Lady Gaga performed here in the Philippines, and people who went to her concert can’t stop twittering about how fantastic she was. Sadly, Tin and I didn’t get to watch her concert even though the venue was more or less 20 minutes away only. *sigh*

Anyhow, since Lady Gaga is famous not only for being a total performer but also for her quirky outfits and hairstyles, what better way to show off my new hair than the Lady Gaga way! :)

Lady Gaga sported the hairstyle on the right for a press conference before her concert. She wore a blonde wig with purple streaks and a huge black hair cone which she named Korea.

Mine is the brunette version of her look. Can you tell the length of my hair based on the photo on the left? :)

(Photo of Lady Gaga from